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CSS Blows

It can’t center vertically without a hack. It can’t center horizontally. EMs don’t work. Things that line up in Firefox don’t line up in Internet Explorer. Things that hover in Safari don’t hover in Opera. Footers don’t stay at the bottom. IBM can spell its name with xenon atoms, but pixels can’t be controlled.

I call bullshit.

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Error 500

Twitter and Blogger are farking slow. This is all I’ve got.

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Possible Switch to Blogger

WordPress is waaaay too restrictive. Screw you guys, I’m going to

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Foxmarks is good stuff. Sure, I use and I’ve tried and Google Bookmarks and Google Browser Sync. But Delicious and other bookmarking services fail to include JavaScript bookmarklets or favelets. There was a need to sync mine between computers:

The bookmarks toolbar is a great idea. I use the left side for these tools and the right as a pool of temporary links. Foxmarks supports bookmarklets, syncing them between Firefox on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It fills this niche nicely. It’s not intended for publicizing links like Delicious, just storing and syncing for private use. Jimmy, this is for you! Convince Flock to incorporate it.

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Quartz Composer

I used an Engadget tutorial and FARK‘s colors to make a custom Mac RSS screensaver.


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